Software Development

Custom Software Development

At MASTech360 we have put together a strategy to completely understand your business needs and ensure software

development requirement are gathered in most optimal way

The software we develop spans web, and mobile using the best and highly mature software development stacks.

Maintainability, less cost overall and, modularity are the key benefits and this is achieved without troubling the outcome.

We offer the following services under Custom Software Development

  • Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering
  • Wire framing & Prototyping
  • Design & Web Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment on Cloud or Independent Servers
  • 24×7 code & platform support
  • Training

Industry Knowledge

We have expertise in delivering high quality services to industries ranging from HealthCare, Fire Sprinkler, E-commerce, Education, and Media Publishing

Software Maintenance Services

Every company is required to have Software Support and Maintenance, to ensure that the business applications run efficiently and are error free. We offer reasonably priced and dependable after-delivery Software Support and Maintenance Services covered under stringent SLA practices. Once your solution goes live we can help you by providing the best maintenance services so that, you can focus more on your business, have faster response time to market, and better operational capabilities by reducing the number and time-span of business-critical application outages

MASTech360 Software Maintenance Services – Highlights


  • MASTech360 always checks the performance of developers. This increases work productivity and
  • decreases bugs in software.
  • Software bug fixes.
  • Ongoing Software Maintenance and Management.
  • Root-cause analysis and trouble shooting.
  • Expert team of highly qualified software developers and testers.
  • Helpdesk support
Mobile Application Development

The Mobile Application Development Services we offer are for the following mobile platforms:


  • Android
  • IOS