Design Services

Corporate Identity and Branding

Corporate Identity is the visual aspect of your company’s overall appearance to clients and it includes corporate design, corporate communication and corporate behavior.

Branding is the characteristic symbol or logo that identifies and differentiates you, your company, your service or product from others.

To bring outstanding look, brand identity is a must. This is very important to increase retention and create loyalty relation between customer products and services a company offers.


MASTech360 Corporate Identity and Branding Services

  • Advertising, Website Designing and Public Relations.
  • Marketing communications planning and implementation supervision.
  • Digital marketing and Brand Naming.
  • Corporate identity development (logo design, Business Cards, Catalogs, Brochures, etc.).
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and web advertising.
  • Social media setup and implementation.
  • Content Marketing and native advertising
Social Media Marketing

MASTech360 creates special Social Media Marketing campaigns that will boost your traffic and increase your brand awareness. Social Media websites has hundreds millions of users and you need experts to utilize Social Media in the best possible way. This will drive more targeted traffic to grow your business and generate revenue.


We hire the best social media experts who work towards increasing awareness about your business through Facebook, YouTube or twitter page. We use the best online marketing strategies to attract traffic to your Social network and increase engagement on its content.


MASTech360 Social Media Marketing Process


Social Media Strategy – We advise clients select the proper social networks that suit their business. We will also develop a social media content promotion strategy and schedule.

Content Creation – We will work side by side with you to create attractive and engaging content to be share it on social network.

Content Promotion – We will promote the content across the various social media networks and target your audience.

Profile Management – We will make sure that social profile will be in the correct shape to draw audiences to page.

Social Media Reporting – We will track website visitor growth rate from social media efforts, activities, social mentions, and increase in followers/Likes as time goes by to ensure that the social media marketing strategy is on course.